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Waxed + Bronzed uses gentle hard wax to remove unwanted body hair. Your esthetician will carefully select one of two varieties of hard wax that will best suit your hair type and skin sensitivities. Our blue film wax is ideal for removing hair on larger body areas such as legs, back and arms, but is gentle enough for the bikini area as well.  Our pink film wax is infused with zinc oxide, a skin protectant, and is used for facial waxing. This wax may also be used in the bikini area, and it is excellent at removing fine (vellus) hairs from the face and body.

Facial Waxing 

Cheeks - Gentle hard wax will remove hair on the cheek from the cheek bone to the jawline. $16

Chin - Fine and coarse hair from the lower lip line to the underside of the jaw will be removed using our zinc oxide infused facial wax.  Tweezing may be required to remove the most stubborn hair. $15

Ears - Fine and coarse hair will be removed from the outer ear, tragus and lobe. $15

Eyebrows - Eyebrows will be trimmed and shaped using gentle hard wax to accentuate your facial features. Tweezing will be utilized to refine the shape, to give you the most crisp and symmetrical shape possible. $25

Full Face - Gentle hard wax is used to remove fine and coarse hairs from all over the face, includes eyebrows. $60

Lip - Hair on the upper lip will be removed using our gentle hard wax. $13

Neck, front - We will remove hair under the jaw line to the collar bone. $20

Neck, back - Wax will remove hair to clean-up the hairline and remove hair down to the base of the neck. $20

Nostrils - Hard wax is used to remove hairs from the inner rim of  the nostrils. $13

Sideburns - All hair will be removed in a strip next to the ear, from the hairline to the jawline. $15



Body Waxing 


Arm, half - Upper or lower arm hair is removed. Lower arm wax service included hands and knuckles. $40

Arm , full - Hair is removed from the entire arm, from the top down to the fingers! $50

Back, upper - Unwanted hair is removed from the top of the back to the natural waist line (about ⅔ of the way down the back). $40

Back, lower - Wax removes hair from the natural waistline to the belt line (approx. lower ⅓ of back). $30

Back, full - Any and all hair is removed from the entire back. $70

Between the Cheeks - Leave your service feeling so fresh and so clean, with smooth, hairless skin between your (butt) cheeks! $25

Bikini Line - Female Anatomy - Up to a 3 inch wide strip of hair is removed from the sides, and an inch is removed from the top of the bikini area. Any exposed hair while wearing a standard bikini bottom is removed. $45

Bikini Extended - Female Anatomy - You may choose to leave a triangle or a strip of hair, however this service can include removal of all the hair in the front of the bikini area. $55

Brazilian - Female Anatomy - Hair is removed from the front to the back of the bikini area, which includes “between the cheeks.” If you would like to keep any hair, please discuss this with your esthetician. This is our most popular service! $60

Brazilian - Male Anatomy, Standard - Includes removing hair from the scrotum and shaft. $70

Brazilian - Male Anatomy, Extended - Includes removing hair from the scrotum, shaft, top, sides, and between the cheeks. Option to leave some hair on top. $90  

Brazilian - Male Anatomy, Complete - Includes removing hair from the scrotum, shaft, top, sides, and full butt
(including between the cheeks). Option to leave hair on top. $120

Butt - This service removes hair on the cheeks and between the cheeks. $35

Chest - Hard wax removes hair from the collar bone line down to the sternum, leaving the chest smooth and hair-free. $45

Inner Thigh - Reduce chafing with smooth hairless inner thighs! Our gentle hard wax removes hair from the bikini line to the knee on the inner thigh during this service. Can be added on to any bikini service. $15

Leg, half - Hair is removed from the upper or lower leg. Lower leg service includes feet and toes! $50

Leg, full - Smooth silky legs will be yours after this service! The wax will remove your hair and exfoliate dead, dry skin to leave your legs feeling refreshed. $85

Shoulders - Hair from the deltoid muscle area will be removed. This is a great add-on to a back or upper arm waxing service. $30

Stomach - Hair is removed from the entire stomach area, from the sternum to the hip bones. $35

Stomach Strip - Also known and the “happy trail,” this wax strip removes hair from the navel down to the bikini region. This is a perfect partner to your bikini or brazilian wax! $10

Underarm - Hairless underarms leave you feeling so fresh and so clean! Avoid applying deodorant to freshly waxed skin. $25

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