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  • How long does my hair have to be to wax? The length of a grain of rice, or 1/4" is the ideal length for waxing.​

  • How do I prepare for my wax? Arrive with clean skin, without any heavy lotions or oils. We recommend exfoliating your skin regularly, but please DO NOT exfoliate the day of your appointment.

  • Is is safe to get waxed while using Retin-A, retinoids, or Accutane? Nope! Discontinue use of topicals at least one week prior to your wax, and you MUST be off of Accutane for at least 6 months before waxing ANY part of your body. 

  • Is it ok to get waxed on my period? Yup! Just make sure to manage your flow with a tampon or menstrual cup.  Also please take into consideration that your skin may be more sensitive during this time in your hormonal cycle.

  • Can I get Bronzed (airbrush spray tanned) right after getting Waxed? You can, however, it is not recommended.  24+ hours post wax is a better time to get tanned to ensure even coverage and no skin irritation. Plus we'd love to see you again soon! 

  • What should I do to prepare for my airbrush spray tan? Shower and shave (or better yet, wax!) one day prior to your appointment. Skip any oil based soaps or lotions. Exfoliating with exfoliating gloves and a scrub is an excellent choice before your tan, just make sure to wash off any oil that remains on your skin. Also, schedule any manicures/pedicures/waxing appointments before your tan.

  • What should I wear to my appointment?! Whether you are getting Waxed or Bronzed, wearing loose clothing is best. Dark clothing the safest bet for tanning, although the solution washes completely out of most fabrics. Flip flops are also a great choice! 

  • What should I wear while getting Bronzed? Most ladies bare it all, but we want you to be comfortable. Disposable bikini bottoms are available, but they do leave tan lines. Fellas, please wear underwear or swimwear during your tanning service. 

  • How long will my tan last? Many factors affect the life of your tan such as skin type, lifestyle, and after care. Your tan should last at least one week, and up to two weeks with proper care. Keeping your skin moisturized with Moorea Moisturizer Shea Butter Lotion helps extend the life of your tan. Keep in mind that long showers/baths, hot tubs, heavy sweating, and swimming in salt water and/or chlorine all tend to dry out your skin.

  • Will dry skin affect my tan? Dry skin (very common in Colorado) may cause your tan to fade unevenly. If your skin is very dry, we recommend that you moisturize twice a day for a week leading up to your tanning session. Also, exfoliating 3 times a week will help you to shed dead/dry skin, just make sure to follow your scrub with Moorea Moisturizer Shea Butter Lotion.

  • Is sunless tanning safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women? The active ingredient, organic DHA, has never been tested extensively on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Be safe! Ask your doctor for approval before booking a tanning service.

  • Are there any discounts or specials? Yes! Anytime the same wax service is less than 5 weeks apart, you'll get our membership pricing (20% off!). Anytime your spray tans are less than 2 weeks apart you'll also save 20%! No need to sign-up or pre-pay for our membership. The discounts will automatically apply based on the frequency of your visits.

Please TEXT 303.944.6031 with any other questions.
We are happy to help!

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